Disney’s Pixar Does It Again: The Good Dinosaur Movie Is About Friendship, Family, and Facing Fears Together

    I hope you’re ready for a family movie night out at the theater, because The Good Dinosaur is out and it is spectacular! Disney Pixar is at it again, and they definitely know how to evoke emotion out of all of the animated creatures they put on screen. Be ready for lots of […]

Cranberry Bacon Brussels Sprouts: A 30-Minute Thanksgiving Side Dish

  Looking for a super quick side dish idea to go with your Thanksgiving dinner? Try these cranberry bacon Brussels sprouts, a great twist on a traditional vegetable your family will love!     Do you have your menu all set for Thanksgiving dinner yet? We do, but there are always last minute additions that […]

Glitz, Glam and A Whole Lot of Pizzazz On The Set of Dancing With The Stars! #DWTS

    Disney’s ABC invited us to visit the set of Dancing With The Stars in Hollywood to watch the live show! It was an awesome experience, I definitely enjoyed the performances and I know exactly who i’ll be rooting for! Read on to see what it was like…     Last week, I was lucky […]

Style, Comfort and Fit: Carpet Ready With Vanity Fair Lingerie!

  A comfortable, well dressed woman is a confident woman. I am partnering with Vanity Fair Lingerie as an ambassador to share just how their bras and panties provide a seamless look and the perfect fit, no matter where I go!     I don’t know if you’ve been reading, but I recently attended a […]

Prehistoric Fun On The Red Carpet At The Good Dinosaur Movie Premiere! #GoodDinoEvent

    Disney’s Pixar invited us to The Good Dinosaur movie premiere in Los Angeles, CA this week, it was an absolutely amazing experience! Read on to see what it was like, this red carpet event featured the directors, producers, cast and other members of The Good Dinosaur film making team, plus a slew of other […]

How To Auto Save Money For College For Your Kids: It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

  It is extremely important that parents have a college savings plan in place for each child. I am partnering with ScholarShare as an ambassador to tell you just how easy it is to start automatically saving for college, without batting an eye!   Look, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it’s a […]

Parenthood Trials: Emergency Room Edition

    No matter how careful and safe you try to be, and how much you hope to avoid pain, blood and screams, it’s a first that most parents will have at some point of their child’s lives. I’m talking about that good ol’ trip to the ER, folks. Fun times in parenting land.   […]

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Make Your Own Paper Plate Turkey Hats!

  As the holidays are drawing near, and we’re celebrating with some fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids! We made these fun paper plate turkey hats, using lots of items you probably already have at home. It’s time to paint, cut, and glue this Thanksgiving!     Who’s excited for Thanksgiving?!   We sure are. Soon […]

25 Of The Best Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes You Must Try!

    I am so excited for the holiday season, this is truly my favorite time of year! As we’re all planning our Thanksgiving and Christmas menus, it’s great to get new recipe ideas to go with the big dinner. The best side dishes make a great compliment to the main event. Whether you’re looking […]

Batter Up: Touring The Historic Wrigley Field, Home of the Chicago Cubs!

    Our family trip to Chicago this summer was nothing short of amazing! The weather was great, we found tons of things to do, and bonded as a family like no other. We shared some fun things to do with your family in Chicago, and now it’s a MUST that we share our awesome […]

Where to Get The Best Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza In San Diego

    Looking for We all know about the famous deep dish pizza in Chicago and New York, but what about getting some good ol’ pie here in Southern California? Forget about a chain restaurant, and feast your eyes on this authentic pie from Regents Pizzeria!     Located in San Diego, CA in the […]

12 Tips for Transitioning From A Stay At Home Mom to Working Mom

  Are you a once stay at home mom who is looking to get a job working outside of the home? After being out of the workforce for a long time, it can be pretty hard to get back into the swing of things. So, what do you do when you need to make a […]