CINDERELLA Is Back: Disney Releases First Movie Trailer

Disney's CINDERELLA Movie Poster 2015

  Remember when I told you all that Disney’s CINDERELLA is coming to theaters in live action?    There are so many little things that I remember form my childhood that shape who I am today, and I believe CINDERELLA is one of the movies that I absolutely loved! Disney is releasing a new, fresh […]

Taco Night Made Easy: Chipotle and Garlic Tacos

Turkey, Chipotle and Garlic Tacos

I’m participating in a compensated campaign with McCormick® Skillet Sauce®, wait until you see what you can make with these!     Taco night is one of the staple meals that we have weekly for dinner. It’s a quick and delicious meal that takes little prep and the kids always request it! I never thought […]

5 Reasons To Take Your Family To Visit Japan #TsunaguJapan

WInter Festival, Tsunagu Japan

Have you ever been to Japan? I cannot wait to go, so I am partnering with Tsunagu Japan on a sponsored campaign to share the beauty of Japan. It’s on my travel bucket list as a must visit destination!      Being part Japanese, I have always wanted to visit Japan. As a child, I […]

Top 10 Disney’s FROZEN Holiday Gifts You Must Buy for Your Frozen Fanatics!

Disney's FROZEN Movie DVD BluRay

It’s Christmastime, which means it’s time to start shopping for FROZEN holiday gifts!     Ahhh the holiday season. Can you smell the fresh pine scent?   Not likely, unless you’re at a Christmas tree farm. What I sense most is the holiday gift rush, already! Each year, the most popular franchises are highly sought […]

Holiday Travel with Kids: Transportation Made Easy With This Portable Car Seat

Bubble Bum portable booster seat

Planes, trains, automobiles!   When taking a holiday vacation or visiting relatives with the whole family, flying, driving, and riding are inevitable. You’ve gotta get there somehow, right? Some methods of transportation have child sized seats, MOST DO NOT. The trains, shuttles, taxis, private cars and subways that I have been on do not come equipped […]

5 Reasons To Take A Winter Cruise To Explore Norway

Amazing aurora

Cruise to Norway in the winter? Yes! Thanks to Hurtigruten Cruises for sponsoring today’s discussion.     You all should know by now that my bucket list is miles long. It looks like I will be adding yet another life time memory: taking a winter cruise through Norway!     Who really travels TO the […]

White Cranberry and Rosemary Holiday Sangria

Cranberry Rosemary White Wine Christmas Sangria

This month, we’re making a holiday edition of an adult drink favorite with Sweet’N Low, it’s part of a sponsored post series for the #SweetNLowStars program.      Hosting a holiday party this year? Or simply looking for some ideas to make holiday alcoholic drinks for the adults?     Every year, we attend at least 2 […]

5 Reasons You Need A Date Night With Your Spouse

photo: Flickr, instantvantage

Need a date night? I am a member of the #OutbackBestMates, a fun, sponsored ambassador program where I get to share all of their deliciousness with you all.     Ahhh, date nights. So liberating, so fun, yet so hard to come by!   I remember trying to schedule in date nights, it’s yet another […]

Kellogg’s Cereal Bar: Nutritious After School Snacking, Without The Guilt!

Bowl of Kelloggs Raisin Bran with fruit, yogurt, and almonds

  Every time I pick up my kids from school, they ask for one specific thing: FOOD.   Why are they always so hungry? Are they growing or something? Do I really NEED to feed them everyday? Ugh! I can’t be the only parent who has to figure out food, fast, after school, so I […]

5 Things To Do With Your Left Over Halloween Candy


  If any of you are trick or treaters like we are, you know that we receive massive amounts of candy! We always have lots of invitations to events, so by the time we’ve finished trick or treating and going to various parties and events, we are all candied out! It’s so much that we […]