Tons of Sealife Fun at Sea World’s Halloween Spooktacular!

Sea World's Halloween Spooktacular

  Can you imagine a sea inspired Halloween playground with trick or treating, a dance party, and cute Halloween themed characters? It’s never too early for some Halloween fun, so we had to stop by Sea World San Diego’s Halloween Spooktacular!      Dress the kiddies up in their best costumes and come out to the […]

Use Your Imagination: The Boxtrolls Inspire Global Cardboard Box Challenge!

Kids build boxes with The Boxtrolls and Imagination Foundation

  Looking for a hands on experience that your kids can learn from, putting their minds and hands to work? Want to attend a fun event and win a few prizes? I am all for fostering children’s creativity, so I thought it was cool awesome that The Boxtrolls movie has partnered with Imagination Foundation to […]

10 Signs That Tell You You’re Getting Older

Old Maid

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wendy’s®. Read to learn why they’re telling me that i’m old.     When did you realize that you were getting old? Was it the birth, and rapid growth of your children? The young people doing absolutely nothing that you would ever do? An […]

Back to School Today: He’s A Second Grader!

First day of school

Can somebody contact the powers that be and tell them that it’s ok to stop the time?     It’s the first day of school! Time is flying. If it’s not enough that summer is over, I am sending off my littles to new schools this week, which means new friends, new teachers, and a […]

Relaxing Desert Retreat: La Casa Del Zorro Resort in Borrego Springs, California

Cactus plant in Borrego Springs Desert

  Who goes to the desert in the summer?   I’ll tell you who. Someone who want to relax, to unwind. Someone who wants to throw away all of their responsibilities for the moment and have a little fun. We went to La Casa Del Zorro Resort and Spa in Borrego Springs and loved every […]

How To Talk To Your Kids About Stranger Danger

never talk to strangers

  I don’t know what hit me, but I found myself awake at 3:30am this morning just thinking. First it was about baseball, my son’s team is in the Pony World Series so we’re at the fields every day and it’s pretty exciting! With tons of other spectators, families, aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents around, […]

It’s Different, It Hurts

Deanna Underwood, via mommy_GAGA, Instagram

Being alone.     I hate dark, sad posts, because i’m not generally sad, but it just hurts sometimes. The loneliness. The quiet. The self doubt. Pondering what could have been.   You spend your better years building something, a family, a home, a bond like no other. You put your soul into it, every […]

Family Game Night with Hasbro, Toys R Us & Duracell! {Giveaway}


  My husband and I are big fans of board games. We used to play all the time, just the two of us. We love getting together with friends to play Hasbro’s Taboo—it’s impossible not to have fun while playing that! Since our boys came along, we’ve gotten out of the habit, and I miss […]

Top 10 Sweets and Dessert Recipes on mommyGAGA You Can’t Miss

Frozen Cherry Lime Kool-Aid Pie

Anybody got a sweet tooth? If you do, you’ll love this list of the most popular desserts we’ve created right here on mommyGAGA! Whether you’re craving chocolate, marshmallows, or fruity desserts, you’ll be able to satisfy it all right here. Take a look at the top 10 sweets and desserts, just in case you missed […]

5 Must-Have Items To Bring On The Airplane When Traveling With Kids


Thanks to Cottonelle for sponsoring today’s discussion. All opinions are mine, I love to travel with my family, so I am sharing my list of  things to bring on the airplane for kids!     Isn’t it just liberating to be above the clouds? I get a sense ow freedom, and awe. I enjoy flying to […]