10 Facts About the Movie #StrangeMagic, from Director Gary Rydstrom #StrangeMagicEvent

Strange Magic Director Gary Rydstrom, Skywalker Ranch, photo by Sassy Mama in LA

  Did you all go out and watch STRANGE MAGIC this weekend? I took the kids and they loved the movie, and I was happy to be a able to see it again!   I know you all remember that I got a chance to visit Skywalker Ranch and screen the movie, meet the crew and interview […]

STRANGE MAGIC is a Must-See Animated Family Film! #StrangeMagicEvent

Strange Magic, Marianne and Roland

  Who’s ready for a little STRANGE MAGIC?!   Get your popcorn ready and take the whole family to the movies this weekend to see this beautiful, animated and unusual love story, told through music. From the mind of George Lucas, two world’s collide and prove to create some STRANGE MAGIC, in a tale of a […]

5 Facts About Elijah Kelley and His Character “Sunny” in Strange Magic #StrangeMagicEvent

Elijah Kelley, Deanna Underwood, Strange Magic Press Day 2015

  Did y’all know that STRANGE MAGIC is coming out on Friday, January 23? Well it is, and I am so fortunate to have been able to screen it ahead of time and interview the cast and creators! By now, I hope you’ve read about my interview with George Lucas, the creator of the movie […]

George Lucas Talks Strange Magic Movie: Inspiration, Music, and LOVE #StrangeMagicEvent

George Lucas, Strange Magic Interview, Skywalker Ranch January 2015

  It was quite the honor to be able to get an exclusive interview with George Lucas to talk all things Strange Magic! The movie is coming out this weekend, so everyone is gearing up for the release. Lucas and a few others were on hand at Skywalker Ranch specifically to speak with our press group […]

Scenery and Strange Magic: Photo Tour Of Lucasfilm’s Skywalker Ranch! #StrangeMagicEvent

Skywalker Ranch, scenic views in the mountains, Lucas Valley, Marin County

  Have you ever had a dream about what heaven might be like? A gorgeous place, with amazing scenery, sunshine, clear blue skies, a beautiful lake, and greenery everywhere? A place that is full of wonderful and creative people, music, movies and activities galore? Well, I am pretty sure I’ve gotten close, I discovered SKYWALKER RANCH. […]

Heading to San Francisco: Previewing Strange Magic, Inside Out and Visiting Skywalker Ranch!

Disney Pixar Inside Out, Touchstone Pictures Strange Magic Event, and Skywalker Ranch Visit

  What do Strange Magic, Skywalker Ranch, Inside Out have in common? Well, DISNEY, an the fact that i’ll be able to check them all out in San Francisco!   I am so excited to announce that I will be traveling with an awesome press group to preview Touchstone Pictures’ STRANGE MAGIC movie, pay a […]

A Top Secret Mission: Marvel’s ANT-MAN Movie Set Visit In Atlanta!

Press Visit To Marvel's ANT-MAN Set in Atlanta, GA

  Y’all, I have been ready to SQUEAL. I couldn’t say anything until now, but last November, I was fortunate enough to take a behind the scenes look at Marvel’s new film, ANT-MAN!   This was a top secret mission that I had to keep under wraps for months. Do you know how hard that […]

CINDERELLA Is Back: Disney Releases First Movie Trailer

Disney's CINDERELLA Movie Poster 2015

  Remember when I told you all that Disney’s CINDERELLA is coming to theaters in live action?    There are so many little things that I remember form my childhood that shape who I am today, and I believe CINDERELLA is one of the movies that I absolutely loved! Disney is releasing a new, fresh […]

Halloween Festivities: Time To Visit #BooMONTPark Festival and Haunt in San Diego! #BelmontPark

Girl choosing a pumpkin at the Boomont park pumpkin patch, Belmont Park

  Looking for fun, and minimally frightful Halloween festivities in San Diego? Look no further, because what you’re looking for is right in your backyard at Belmont Park!     Belmont Park is kicking up the Halloween Fun with their second annual BooMONT Park Festival and Haunt, right here in sunny San Diego! On Friday, Saturday, and […]

Fantasy and Adventure: Can’t Wait To See The Book of Life Movie!

The Book of Life movie

  Do you love fantasy, adventure, and animation? The Book of Life is the movie to see, and it’s out in theaters TODAY!    THE BOOK OF LIFE, a vibrant fantasy-adventure, tells the legend of Manolo, a conflicted hero anddreamer who sets off on an epic quest through magical, mythical and wondrous worlds in order to […]