Kid Friendly Summer Drinks: Cherry Lime Spritzer Mocktail Recipe

Non Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe, Cherry Lime Spritzer

I have partnered with Socialstars and Sweet’N Low to create some delicious, guilt free goodies that my family can enjoy. Wait till you see what I came up with!         Looking for a family friendly, kid approved summer party drink recipe? How about using some sweet summer flavors combined to make a cool, refreshing beverage? […]

5 Tips to Take Better Pictures of Your Kids With Any Camera

happy little girl upside down

  Face it: EVERYONE is taking pictures of their kids every single day. It’s now easier than ever to capture moments and experiences to share and keep as family memories. I am guilty of taking pictures of my kids wherever we go. I mean, how long are they going to be building drum sets out […]

When Should Your Kid Get A Phone?

smartphone cell phone clipart

This post brought to you by Kajeet. All opinions are 100% mine.   That depends.     I have always said that they could have a smartphone when they are teenagers. I think that my kids have to show that they can be responsible, using the phone at the appropriate time, place, and for the […]

Family Game Night with Hasbro, Toys R Us & Duracell! {Giveaway}


  My husband and I are big fans of board games. We used to play all the time, just the two of us. We love getting together with friends to play Hasbro’s Taboo—it’s impossible not to have fun while playing that! Since our boys came along, we’ve gotten out of the habit, and I miss […]

5 Must-Have Items To Bring On The Airplane When Traveling With Kids


Thanks to Cottonelle for sponsoring today’s discussion. All opinions are mine, I love to travel with my family, so I am sharing my list of  things to bring on the airplane for kids!     Isn’t it just liberating to be above the clouds? I get a sense ow freedom, and awe. I enjoy flying to […]

5 Reasons My Kids Are Going To LOVE The Boxtrolls Movie! #TheBoxtrolls


  So I learned that a new, exciting family animated film is coming out: The Boxtrolls. My first thought: “Ok, what is a Boxtroll?” I really had no idea what to think about it, until I watched the trailer with my kids. As of now, they are super excited to see the movie, and I am too! […]

A Letter To Mixed Race Children

african american mixed cute kids

Dear Beautiful Mixed Children,   You’re growing up and probably noticing that many of the people around you look a little different. See, you are mixed like me, and that can mean so many wonderful things. You have multiple heritages that you represent, so you’ll get to experience various foods, customs, ethnic practices, and some […]

10 Chores for Preschoolers + A Printable Chore Chart!

Kids chores, doing the dishes

    Preschoolers are at this perfect age where they are inquisitive, searching for independence, and actually WANT to help and love and cuddle.  As they get older, there is this constant struggle to be independent. “I wanna do it by myself” is my daughters #1 line these days. I think 3-4 years old is the […]

Cereal + Milk = Taming Toddler Tantrums

Kellogg's Raisin Bran with fresh blueberries

Cereal and milk are life savers. LIFE. SAVERS.     This morning was one of the worst, my 7 year old was ok, but the 3 year old… UGH. She didn’t want to wake up, didn’t want to pee, spat all over when I was brushing her teeth, wriggled and cried when I was attempting […]

5 Summer Arts and Crafts for Kids – Love these Project Ideas!

Sponge ball summer craft

  I am so excited that the summer is near, once we pass Memorial Day, it’s official! We’ll be taking full advantage of the heat at the pool and the beach, but we will be hanging out indoors, too. In order to keep the kids busy this summer while school is out, we’re gonna have […]