5 Reasons It’s Hard For Single Moms to Get A Date — Hint, It’s NOT Because You Have Kids

Single mom and her kids

  I am a single mother, why can’t I find a date?     Now, it is true: there are some men who will not date women with children. This is a good thing, you’ll get an edge on weeding out the men who judge you instantly like that – they are not the men you […]

3 Ways To Make Sure Your Child Is Getting Enough Essential Vitamins In Their Daily Diet

got milk

    Are your kids getting enough essential vitamins in their daily diets? I am partnering with got milk? to share ways to incorporate milk into our daily diets, a glass of milk is full of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need!   My kids are probably similar to yours when it comes to food […]

Financial Independence: 5 Steps to Budget and Save Money From A Single Mom

Save money piggy bank

Note: I am not a financial adviser, just sharing my story.     Are you a single parent that is financially struggling? Do you know a single mom looking for ways to make ends meet, without the stress, or a father who needs help saving money? Do the bills and emergencies come faster than your […]

How I Teach My Kids About Black History Month #JourneyofYou

mom and kids

  This post brought to you by MassMutual. The content and opinions expressed below are that of http://www.mommygaga.com/.     I am excited to partner with MassMutual to share my family’s heritage in celebration of Black history month! It has shaped the person I am today, and empowered me to create my own legacy for the future.   Black history is […]

3 Things To Tell Your Kids About Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have decided to stick with Love, Martin Luther King Jr

  “Mom, who is Martin Luther King, Jr?”   No matter your age, sex, race, or nationality, it is important that we reflect on our historical happenings worldwide. So, how do you explain, to a child, that a man who practiced positivity and non-violence,was assassinated for doing so?  King is more than a holiday. Although […]

The Relationship Discussion That Nobody Wants To Talk About

Women giving supportive hug, Blue Shield of California Foundation

  I am working with Blue Shield of California Foundation on a sponsored campaign to spread awareness of an important issue that affects our community. How can we all #BeTheSolution?   What is it about taboo topics that people are afraid to talk about? Are we afraid to be judged? Do we want to keep […]

Style and Grace: Choose Eye Glasses That Compliment Your Personality

Kid little girl wearing large oversized  glasses, Flickr, Les DeFoor

  Got glasses?  If you or someone in your family has been prescribed to wear eye glasses, life is not over. “Will it be a little different wearing frames on my face all day?” Yes. “Will I look funny or be teased?” Maybe. Or maybe not… It’s not easy to find frames that fit your […]

The Last Thing You Think Your Kid Would Do…

boy cuts hair with moms razor

My son took a shower like he normally does before bed. It was a little longer than usual, but he’s no stranger to taking up all of the hot water.   I hear the water go off and see him whiz by to his bedroom. “Mom, can you come here for a second?” I walk to […]

Squeeze Breakfast In On The Go, Don’t Feel Guilty About It

Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats with fresh berries for breakfast

  I am exhausted. From the looks of it, she is too.   Since school has started, it has been, well, interesting. Adjusting to this new schedule has been hectic, it seems like we all have something happening all at once. As my kids are carted back and forth from school to sports, and from moms […]

Back To School Reading: Disney Junior’s Give A Book, Get A Book

Disney Junior

  Y’all remember when I told you all about my time at the Disney Social Media Moms conference? There were so many things that I got insight from, so much to see and do. It was an amazing experience, whether it’s Disney Parks, Disney Channel, or their animated films, or other media outlets, Disney always […]