3 Reasons Your Child Won’t Go To College – And It’s YOUR Fault

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  Will your child be able go to college? I am partnering with ScholarShare to share the reasons your kids might not be prepared for college – at your own fault.     It’s no secret that many disadvantaged children have it much tougher than their well off counterparts to attend and pay for college. I […]

5 Ways To Save Money and Pay Cash for Your Child’s College Education

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  We all know that an education is the key to a child’s future, but do we know how we’re actually going to get there? I am partnering with ScholarShare to share information about the importance of saving for your child’s college education, and how to do it!     I know for certain that both […]

The 3 Ways You Know You’re Doing A Good Job As A Parent

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    I hear so many moms (and dads) who express, in various ways, that they *think* they’re not doing enough for their children. By holding a career, hobbies and a social life, so many of us fear that we’re screwing our kids’ lives up when we can’t be their everything, all the time.     […]

How I Got My Kids to LOVE Brushing Their Teeth

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  Last night, my kids ASKED ME if they can brush their teeth. WHAT? I am partnering with Firefly® and One2One Network to share my own opinion and show you all how to get your kids to brush their teeth, without a fight!     At ages 8 and 4, they both tend to cringe at doing anything […]

Live The Good Life: 5 Steps To Making Your Life Pure and Simple

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  This post brought to you by DairyPure Milk. The content and opinions expressed below are that of http://www.mommygaga.com/.   Ever wonder how you can live a happy, simple life? As we age, we realize that there are certain things that just don’t matter, and simplicity becomes the goal.     No matter what happens […]

Lessons In Parenting Trials: Staying A Step Ahead of Melt-Downs While On-The-Go

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  Keeping the kids happy while traveling was once a tough feat – until now. This sponsored article in partnership with Mott’s and SocialMoms tells you the simple ways to prevent melt-downs while on-the-go…   See this face?     So sweet. So innocent. Until…     Between school and work, sports, family obligations, fun and […]

5 Reasons It’s Hard For Single Moms to Get A Date — Hint, It’s NOT Because You Have Kids

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  I am a single mother, why can’t I find a date?     Now, it is true: there are some men who will not date women with children. This is a good thing, you’ll get an edge on weeding out the men who judge you instantly like that – they are not the men you […]

3 Ways To Make Sure Your Child Is Getting Enough Essential Vitamins In Their Daily Diet

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    Are your kids getting enough essential vitamins in their daily diets? I am partnering with got milk? to share ways to incorporate milk into our daily diets, a glass of milk is full of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need!   My kids are probably similar to yours when it comes to food […]

Financial Independence: 5 Steps to Budget and Save Money From A Single Mom

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Note: I am not a financial adviser, just sharing my story.     Are you a single parent that is financially struggling? Do you know a single mom looking for ways to make ends meet, without the stress, or a father who needs help saving money? Do the bills and emergencies come faster than your […]

How I Teach My Kids About Black History Month #JourneyofYou

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  This post brought to you by MassMutual. The content and opinions expressed below are that of http://www.mommygaga.com/.     I am excited to partner with MassMutual to share my family’s heritage in celebration of Black history month! It has shaped the person I am today, and empowered me to create my own legacy for the future.   Black history is […]

3 Things To Tell Your Kids About Martin Luther King, Jr.

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  “Mom, who is Martin Luther King, Jr?”   No matter your age, sex, race, or nationality, it is important that we reflect on our historical happenings worldwide. So, how do you explain, to a child, that a man who practiced positivity and non-violence,was assassinated for doing so?  King is more than a holiday. Although […]

The Relationship Discussion That Nobody Wants To Talk About

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  I am working with Blue Shield of California Foundation on a sponsored campaign to spread awareness of an important issue that affects our community. How can we all #BeTheSolution?   What is it about taboo topics that people are afraid to talk about? Are we afraid to be judged? Do we want to keep […]