5 Reasons To Visit Gulf County, Florida With Your Family

Courtyard King Kamehamehas Kona Beach Hotel

This post brought to you by Gulf County, Florida. All opinions are 100% mine.     When you think for Florida, I am sure you think of sunshine, beaches, oranges and gators. Most people tend to think of other destinations, but there is so much more to explore in the “sunshine state”!   Gulf County […]

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige Talks Producing Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Filming of Captain America, The Winter Soldier

  Y’all know that the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier is coming out this weekend, right? Well, I got a chance to watch an advanced screening, and it’s living up to the Marvel franchises amazing reputation! It takes a lot to make a Marvel film, and this installment of Captain America was no different. When […]

5 Reasons To #ShareTheTable With Family at Meal Time

Family eating together at the table

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Barilla, but opinions are my own.       We’re all on the go these days, and as the kids get older, they seem to have more stuff going on than the parents do! For us, we’re juggling our work schedules with parenting our […]

So, It Happened

moving box clipart

It’s been a long time coming. I moved out.     This is a whole new life for me. An empty apartment. Starting over. Alone.  It’s going to be so weird coming home to an empty house, and adjusting to my role as a “part-time” mom already sucks.   I have never lived alone and […]

Tons of Amazon Fun With Rio 2 Movie!


  Have you seen the super cute movie Rio? The 2011 film was about ‘Blu’ the blue macaw who is birdnapped and brought to Rio to mate with another blue macaw named Jewel. Blu and Jewel must find away to escape (and Blu must learn to fly) and happen to find love on the way. Rio was an adorable movie, […]

5 Hobbies To Pick Up In The Spring to Evoke Your #BestFeelings

Painting and Wine, San Diego

  I am so happy that the spring season is here! I have partnered with Glade® in a sponsored campaign to share how I evoke my #bestfeelings with a few new hobbies for spring. Get inspired to do something new and live in the moment with fragrances you love. Here are 5 hobbies I’d like to take up […]

Behind The Scenes: An Interview with Captain America Himself, Chris Evans!

Chris Evans, Captain America Press Junket, March 2014 in Los Angeles, CA

How often can you say that you were able to interview Chris Evans, let alone be in the same room with someone so awesome?     Marvel fans, ASSEMBLE!     If you loved Thor: the Dark World and The Avengers movies, you do not want to miss this! When I was in LA with […]

School Lunchbox Ideas: Pack Breakfast for Lunch!

Kellogg's single-serve cereal bowls, great for travel

  We’re getting close to the end of the school year. When it comes to packing lunch, my kids are getting harder and harder to please. They get tired of the same ol’ turkey, cheese and fruit, and I don’t have time to make those cute little bento boxes that I always see the super-moms […]

Behind The Music: Muppets Most Wanted, Interview With Songwriter Bret McKenzie

Disney Muppets Most Wanted Movie, March 21

We’re doing a sequel, we’re back by popular demand, c’mon everybody strike up the band!   I hope you’ve gone to see Muppets Most Wanted. If you did, how many of you found yourselves bouncing and swaying to “We’re doing a sequel”, “I’m number one, your number twooooo”, and “Together again, again”? We sure were! […]

Slam Dunk! March Madness Basketball Party Ideas

Basketball cupcakes

It’s March, so we know that means people are all excited for NCAA men’s college basketball and the March Madness tournament!     My alma mater, San Diego State, has made it to the Sweet Sixteen. It is so exciting to watch with fellow Aztecs!   How adorable are these March Madness Basketball party ideas?! […]