Winter Holiday Treats: DIY Cute Snowman Sno Balls on A Stick #HostessHoliday

Edible Holiday treats, learn how to make cute snowman sno balls!

Ready for a little holiday cheer? I am working with SocialMoms and Hostess on a compensated campaign to share some edible holiday delights with you all. The opinions and ideas expressed here are mine, wait till you see what we’ve come up with!     The holidays are here, and it’s time to celebrate! Are you having guests […]

The Relationship Discussion That Nobody Wants To Talk About

Women giving supportive hug, Blue Shield of California Foundation

  I am working with Blue Shield of California Foundation on a sponsored campaign to spread awareness of an important issue that affects our community. How can we all #BeTheSolution?   What is it about taboo topics that people are afraid to talk about? Are we afraid to be judged? Do we want to keep […]

My 10 Favorite Photos From My Trip To Paris, France

Seine River, view of the Eiffel Tower at night, Paris, France

  I am the type of traveler who takes photos of literally everything: street signs, architecture, random people, food, and so many other things that keep my camera roll full. I took so many photos while I was in Paris, tons in fact, and I don’t really have the time to share every single one. Although […]

Gobble Gobble: We Made Rice Krispies Treat Turkey Pops for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Turkeys made out of Rice Krispies Treats

What Thanksgiving craft is edible, kid friendly and cute? These Chocolate Rice Krispies Treat Turkey Pops.      I am a part of the Kellogg’s Great Starts program, and I have been sharing fun and nutritious cereal bits all year long. I know that we love to eat Kellogg’s cereals for breakfast, so why not use […]

Japanese Cuisine: 3 Unique, Mouthwatering Foods To Try While Visiting Japan

Japanese bento box, Tsunagu Japan

You all remember where I shared the reasons I want to take my family to visit Japan? I am partnering with Tsunagu Japan on a sponsored campaign to share why Japan is on my travel bucket list as a must visit destination, today’s discussion: FOOD.     I have been reading Tsunagu Japan‘s articles about Japan, and […]

The Holiday Photo Shoot + Our Christmas Cards from Minted!

kids dressed up for holiday photos

Well, it’s that time of year again, the annual holiday photo shoot.      Although I love how our photos turned out this year. I won’t even lie, it was a stressful set up. I was leaving town so I had to get it all done before then, which meant rushing to find matching outfits, […]

CINDERELLA Is Back: Disney Releases First Movie Trailer

Disney's CINDERELLA Movie Poster 2015

  Remember when I told you all that Disney’s CINDERELLA is coming to theaters in live action?    There are so many little things that I remember form my childhood that shape who I am today, and I believe CINDERELLA is one of the movies that I absolutely loved! Disney is releasing a new, fresh […]

Taco Night Made Easy: Chipotle and Garlic Tacos

Turkey, Chipotle and Garlic Tacos

I’m participating in a compensated campaign with McCormick® Skillet Sauce®, wait until you see what you can make with these!     Taco night is one of the staple meals that we have weekly for dinner. It’s a quick and delicious meal that takes little prep and the kids always request it! I never thought […]

Power Up Your Holiday Gifts from Toys “R” Us With Duracell Batteries!

Toys and Duracell Batteries for the Holidays

Don’t forget the batteries! I am working with Duracell, Toys “R” Us and Hasbro on a fun holiday sponsored campaign that reminds us all that we need to remember to buy batteries for our gifts!   /center>     Remember that Christmas when you opened your presents only to find that your toys wouldn’t work […]

5 Reasons To Take Your Family To Visit Japan

WInter Festival, Tsunagu Japan

Have you ever been to Japan? I cannot wait to go, so I am partnering with Tsunagu Japan on a sponsored campaign to share the beauty of Japan. It’s on my travel bucket list as a must visit destination!      Being part Japanese, I have always wanted to visit Japan. As a child, I […]