Taking The Kids: Central American Flair in Panama City, Panama

photo: panama City Towers, Flickr, Jim Nix

  Welcome to our Taking The Kids series, a once-monthly exclusive spotlight of travel destinations that are great for the entire family! If you are wondering if a specific destination is child friendly, or are looking for suggestions of where to take your next family vacation, visit our Taking The Kids archives.     Destination: Panama City, […]

My Make Up Removal Routine: 3 Steps To Keeping Skin Radiant and Hydrated

3 Daily Make up removal steps to keep your face hydrated, Aveeno® Positively Radiant® make up remover wipes

  How do you remove your make up at the end of the day? I have partnered with Social Stars and Aveeno® to share my make up removal routine, using natural products that work great for me. #Aveeno     It doesn’t look like much, but here’s what make up I wear: concealer stick, face […]

3 Ways To Make Sure Your Child Is Getting Enough Essential Vitamins In Their Daily Diet

got milk

    Are your kids getting enough essential vitamins in their daily diets? I am partnering with got milk? to share ways to incorporate milk into our daily diets, a glass of milk is full of the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need!   My kids are probably similar to yours when it comes to food […]

We’ve Got FROZEN FEVER: A New Animated Short Coming from Disney!

Cinderella Frozen Fever Feature Short with Anna and Elsa

  Here’s some great Disney news for your little FROZEN lovers:     When you go see Disney’s CINDERELLA movie next month, you also get a fun, FROZEN treat. The highly-anticipated follow-up short to the global phenomenon FROZEN can be seen exclusively in theaters preceeding Disney’s new live-action CINDERELLA, starring Lily James and Academy Award-winner […]

Financial Independence: 5 Steps to Budget and Save Money From A Single Mom

Save money piggy bank

Note: I am not a financial adviser, just sharing my story.     Are you a single parent that is financially struggling? Do you know a single mom looking for ways to make ends meet, without the stress, or a father who needs help saving money? Do the bills and emergencies come faster than your […]

Top 5 Reasons To Cook With Canned Foods – It’s National Canned Food Month!

Canned foods, Cans Get You Cooking

  It’s National Canned Food Month!     Did you know that February is National Canned Food month? I am partnering with Cans Get You Cooking to highlight the benefits of using canned foods, and how much I enjoy them in my recipes and meals at home.   There’s nothing like a home cooked meal. NOTHIN’. I […]

How I Teach My Kids About Black History Month #JourneyofYou

mom and kids

  This post brought to you by MassMutual. The content and opinions expressed below are that of http://www.mommygaga.com/.     I am excited to partner with MassMutual to share my family’s heritage in celebration of Black history month! It has shaped the person I am today, and empowered me to create my own legacy for the future.   Black history is […]

Frozen Birthday Party Ideas: Pink, Purple, Blue, and a Jumper, Too!

Frozen Birthday Party DIY Ideas, Purple, Pink and Blue Decor

    I can’t believe that my daughter is already 4! We had a cute Frozen birthday party for her at our local park playground, complete with a jumper, food, sweets and plenty of friends. Here is our cute Frozen birthday party theme, I love how it turned out!     Ahhh, the Frozen obsession. […]

How to Create Baby Shower Invitations Inspired By Your Nursery

Photo of a baby shower invitation to decorate the nursery

  Expecting? Looking into decorating your baby’s nursery? Here’s a great way to set the theme of your baby shower’s invitations to match your nursery. This guest post is awesome, I love this idea!     Article by Julia Marchand A nesting mama-to-be may have trouble with a lot of things: bending over, climbing stairs, remembering her […]

When My Son Grows Up, He Wants To Be A…

got milk glass with sticker

  I asked my son what he wants to be when he grows up, and what future achievements he hopes to complete as an adult. I am partnering with got milk? to share the benefits of teaching our children healthy habits now, to use towards a healthy and successful future. Because who doesn’t want to be […]